Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Native Pig vs. White Pig

I always get inquiries regarding the BIG difference between ordering native pigs or white pigs for their lechon. People have this pre occupied notion that native pigs are better than white ones. Not necessarily.

One thing good about native pigs is that if you order small sized lechon, say de leche, it is always advisable to order native pigs since its skin would still be crispy even after five hours. However, native pigs are hard to find sometimes and may cost you more also. Another downside of using native pig is that it tends to be very oily most specially if you use the large sizes.

For white pigs however, so long as you eat your small sized lechon within the next 3 hours, you will be assured that the skin is still crispy. If not, around 40% of its skin would start to sag. If this happens, I suggest that you cut the skin and fry it using slow fire--no need to put any additional seasonings--this procedure would give you the same crispiness of a newly grilled lechon.

Basically, the difference between native and white pigs all boil down to one thing---skin. The meat however, tastes the same whether you choose any of the two.

During our first Christmas season (2008) when prices of pigs sky rocketed, we tried our best not to increase our prices. We only made a separate price list for native pig orders.

It's your choice. Native pigs: crispy skin for an additional cost (but could be too fatty for big sized orders) or, white pigs for more affordable price but should be eaten right away. The point is, as long as it is Cebu lechon--and Manong's Tasty Lechon Cebu at that--you will be treated to a gastronomical fair that is really worth experiencing. Treat yourself, call us at 7032133 NOW!!

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