Sunday, November 30, 2008

Eat Lechon Like a Gourmet

Next time you have a party, don't dig in to that lechon meat just yet. Involve all your senses and follow the following steps in order to maximize your enjoyment of that oh so delicious Filipino party staple.

First, take time to enjoy looking at that glorious shiny red-brown skin of a properly roasted lechon, then tap the skin to check the crispy portions. Eat the skin first, this will give you a preview of the gastronomic delight that is to come.

The best part of the roasted pork to indulge in is the belly part. It has the most ideal proportion of meat and fat, and is the most tender and juicy portion. For an authentic Cebu Lechon, this is also the most flavorful as the spices used in roasting are usually inserted in the belly part.

Aside from being tasty, authentic Cebu Lechon is also a delight for your sense of smell as well. Due to the infusion of spices used in roasting, Cebu Lechon is mouth-wateringly aromatic, so take time to enjoy its smell before finally digging in.

Lechon may be eaten with any sauce you prefer. For Cebu Lechon, it is usually eaten with spiced vinegar and soy sauce. But, it is advisable not to use any sauce since Cebu Lechon is already very tasty and hardly needs any sauce at all.

So, if you want to treat your guests with extra special lechon, make sure you serve them with tasty Cebu Lechon, the star in every special occasion.


arnzgo said...

That's exactly how I eat Cebu lechon. Gee! I miss Manong's tasty Lechon Cebu! Wish Im in the Philippines soon.

goooooood girl said...

your blog is very nice......